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Now Is the Time to Give a Nomadic Lifestyle a Try

Person sitting on the red rocks of Sedona

With the options available today, you can try the nomadic lifestyle without making a full commitment to letting go of all that anchors you to your home or community. If you’re interested in trying a nomadic lifestyle, explore a few of the strategies that allow individuals to work and travel simultaneously. Click article to read more.

Canyon Lake: A Hidden Gem of Texas Hill Country

red rock sanctuary stays canyon lake

Canyon Lake is a beautiful hidden gem in the Texas Hill Country. Located just an hour from San Antonio, this man-made lake is stunning with clear, blue waters and picturesque cliffs with rocks lining the shores. Plenty of recreational activities are available for visitors, from hiking trails and biking to swimming and fishing. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation spot or an action-packed getaway, Canyon Lake has something for everyone. Click article to read more.