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A digital nomad might be a travel addict who supports their love by freelancing, a snow bird who chases the sun, a corporate professional who values work-life balance in a creative way or even a digital entrepreneur who leads a team while seeing the world. The growing popularity of a nomadic lifestyle has broadened the definition of success, the American Dream and how we experience life while we fulfill our roles in the world. With the options available today, you can try the nomadic lifestyle without making a full commitment to letting go of all that anchors you to your home or community. If you’re interested in trying a nomadic lifestyle, explore a few of the strategies that allow individuals to work and travel simultaneously.  

Digital Nomads are Maximizing Location Freedom

As we scroll past headlines that highlight billions of dollars in lost office space value for New York City alone, it’s obvious the landscape of what work looks like has changed completely. Plus, McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey found that in 2022, 58% of Americans had the option to work from home at least one day a week. There’s more freedom than ever in where and how employees offer their labor.   

With more freedom, remote workers across the country have questioned the need to be tied to one location, while others just don’t see the need to feel stuck in their homes 24 hours a day and take “working vacations” whenever they decide. There are pros and cons to any lifestyle choice, but there’s no doubt – the digital nomad movement is still growing in various ways and shows no signs of stopping. 

But what exactly is a digital nomad? Do you imagine someone flying across the world to work from exotic locations? Maybe you see a “van life” couple posting pictures of the sunset from dozens of places across the U.S. 

What you may not realize is most people living a nomadic life are just everyday people who’ve decided they could embrace the flexibility of remote work for a more fulfilling life experience. They may be single, married or even have kids. They’re people who use technology as their primary tool for earning income while they travel. Nomadic lifestyles maximize flexibility while maintaining the stability of a career.

Forget the “Van Life” and Around-the-World Extremes – Find What Works for You

Living out of a van and driving across North America isn’t for everyone; sometimes, it’s not even for the people who try it. You also don’t have to spend months in the Middle East or head to Southeast Asia for a year. 

By the accounts of many digital nomads who’ve gone to extremes and then retired, getting out of your lease and selling everything you own may be a choice you regret. You don’t have to make huge sacrifices to your current lifestyle to be at least partially nomadic. If you can do your job from anywhere – it can be as simple as doing it somewhere else for a while. That could be a place that’s a four-hour drive from home – or a location across the country. 

When you take on a different way of looking at digital nomadism, you get the perks of enjoying unique locations or just shaking up your day-to-day experience without the stress of leaving your community. You don’t have to say goodbye to friends and family for long periods and deal with the pressures of spending months on end in an unfamiliar environment. 

The Best Intro to a Nomad Lifestyle? Start By Working from Different City for a Few Weeks

The United States is a massive and complex country with different experiences and cultures in every region. You don’t have to break out your passport to break out of your work-from-home funk. 

There are so many places to explore and countless opportunities to find a place that you really enjoy – and you may want to return to visit. Whether you’re interested in being near natural wonders, taking in beautiful landscapes while you Zoom, or being somewhere you can enjoy metropolitan luxuries after a hard day’s work; you can try a little of everything right here in the U.S.

If you’ve been dreaming of being on the beach, there’s Miami. Thinking of skiing all winter? There’s Aspen. Looking for a beautiful and peaceful landscape? The Texas Hill Country is waiting. Are you thinking of how to get more golf into your life? Next stop, Scottsdale! The possibilities right in our own backyards are endless. 

Find a “Suite” Place to Stay with a Digital Nomad-Friendly Vacation Rental

Once you know you’re ready to hit the road, what now? If you’re not experienced with traveling as a digital nomad, it can be hard to know how to make the most of your stay wherever you go. 

Here are some tips for making the most out of traveling while working:

Choose a digital nomad rental over a hotel.

A digital nomad-friendly vacation rental will allow you to enjoy more of the local feel in your chosen city  while giving you more living space than a hotel and a kitchen to prepare your own food (eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner for weeks or months at a time can quickly take a toll on your budget.)

When possible, book direct. 

When trying a nomadic life, booking directly with property owners instead of sites like AirBnB and VRBO allows you to negotiate the best price, make any special requests, and have a point of contact while you’re in town.  

Plan for your pets. 

If your pet is a big part of your ideal lifestyle, they should travel with you too. Be sure to find out if pets are allowed before booking a stay or make plans for where your furry friend can live while you’re away. 

Pack light, but right! 

Many vacation homes have washer/dryer facilities, so pack clothes accordingly. Also, consider what activities you plan on doing during your stay (e.g., hiking vs. lounging by the pool) so you pack accordingly.

Research your location before you travel.

Look at the area around where you intend to live and work: Are there any places that look unsafe? Is there an area with a lot of homeless people? Is there a strong internet connection available? These are all things worth considering when choosing where to spend time as you try out nomadic travel. 

Traveling to somewhere new is only fun if it’s safe, secure, and convenient! So take some time researching the area before booking a vacation rental.

No Matter Where You Are, Take Care of Yourself

Exploring new places and meeting new people can benefit the mind and soul. However, the biggest challenge digital nomads face is that the world is set up for people to stay in one place. Financial institutions, government organizations and almost every other entity expect you to have an address. 

Not just for forms and shipping but for your mental health – it may be a good idea to always have somewhere to call home. Whether you continue to pay your mortgage and take working vacations or keep a room at a family member’s house and stay on the road for months – having somewhere you know you can return to relax and reconnect can be comforting. 

Keeping in touch with family and friends is also essential. Those relationships support our well-being and give us a sense of belonging. Even if you take up a life of travel or decide to travel more often – make a conscious effort to keep those relationships strong. 

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