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The Wellness Tourism industry averages $436 billion annually, according to a 2021 report by the Global Wellness Institute. Stressful lifestyles demand a break, and as mental wellness and self-care continue to rise in conversations across social media, people are interested in taking breaks without the guilt that was so popular pre-pandemic. 

Understanding that spending time in natural environments supports mental wellness and taking time to rest and reflect is essential to our overall success and health, a periodic solo self-care trip can be one of the most logical decisions you make for your mental health and overall well-being. 

A Solo Self-Care Trip is Good for the Soul

Traveling solo allows seeing everything from a different perspective. It can be a way to get out of your comfort zone and seek adventure, or it can be a time for meditation and mindfulness. Travel is also an incredible way of showing yourself that there’s more out there than just what’s happening around you at this exact moment. 

When you take time to get away, it often feels like the outside world no longer exists, and the weight is lifted off your shoulders. Because many people don’t get much free time away from the demands of daily life, this can be a recharging experience that allows you to enjoy life more and refresh yourself. 

That feeling of being disconnected from your everyday life is one of the best parts about taking a trip alone. It allows us all to take a breather during those stressful times when everything seems too much to handle. 

Taking even a short vacation is a great place to start if you’re looking for a way to better care of yourself. It can be simple. Just think about all the fantastic experiences out there waiting for you if you commit to taking time for yourself. 

Why Choose Canyon Lake, Texas, for a Solo Self-Care Trip

You might be in the market for a solo vacay but you need help figuring out where to go. It may cause more stress to book a flight to the Caribbean, especially if you have to make special arrangements to get away for extended periods or if it’s a strain on your budget. However, if you’re looking for one of the best places in the United States to take a solo trip, Canyon Lake, Texas, is a fun and memorable getaway destination for a solo traveler. Canyon Lake (near New Braunfels, Texas) is a leisurely road trip from Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, but it’s also just far enough away that you forget the stresses of the city while you’re there.

The lake is beautiful, with over 7 miles of shoreline and various activities available on its waters. It’s the perfect place to boat, swim, walk along the shoreline or enjoy the view. However you decide to spend your downtime, the natural and beautiful environment is perfect for a solo getaway. 

How to Spend your Solo Trip

As you arrive at your self-care trip destination, take a deep breath. The most important task on your list is to enjoy yourself. 

You’ll have time to do exactly what you want and nothing more. There will be no one to tell you that you can’t meander around, take a drive, or spend the whole day in your pajamas watching Netflix. It’s all about relaxing, recharging, and letting go of anything weighing you down.

Enjoy the View

Choosing a Canyon Lake vacation rental like the Sanctuary at Canyon Lake is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this area. The home boasts two massive decks with a jacuzzi tub available for a solo traveler to soak and take in the view of the native flora, including Cypress, Maple, and Oak trees framing the open spaces offered by the peaceful water. Those trees paint a colorful backdrop throughout the fall and are home to a bevy of chirping birds through the summer. 

Texas is also known for its wildflowers thanks to the legacy of the former United States First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson. Johnson encouraged the spread of wildflowers along Texas roadways and thousands were planted in her memory after her death. In the Spring, you can take a peaceful and scenic drive through the Hill Country to see the bluebonnets in full bloom. 

Grab a Bite to Eat

Try dinner with a view or order in with some of the unique and delicious Canyon Lake restaurants. If you’d like to cook yourself the meal you’ve been craving, the Sanctuary at Canyon Lake’s beautiful and open kitchen is available for you. 

There are several grocery stores nearby including Lowe’s Market and H-E-B if you decide to prepare a meal for yourself. If you’d prefer to venture out, you might enjoy dinner for one on the patio of Gennaro’s Trattoria or some famous Texas brisket from Bare Bull BBQ.  

Take a Hike

Canyon Lake hiking offers gorgeous Texas Hill Country scenery and plenty of trails for all levels. A solo traveler can comfortably try the Madrone Trail or the Guadalupe River Access Trail to be near the water while you take a quiet walk. 

Be sure to check out the Canyon Lake Gorge Trail, which just opened in 2022. The Gorge is up to 50 feet deep in some places and about a mile long. You can spot a fossilized shoreline once covered by the ocean in this “geologic wonder” that took just six days to form

Go Kayaking

The Sanctuary at Canyon Lake offers a complimentary kayak and paddle boards. With private access to the lake, enjoy your own peaceful and memorable experience on the water.

Kayaking is an excellent way to get some quiet time alone. When you’re on the water, there’s nothing more relaxing than being able to sit back and let yourself drift off into your thoughts while enjoying nature around you.

Visit a Local Spa

If you’re getting away because you’ve found yourself neglecting your self-care needs, you may notice that your hair could use a trim, your skin is feeling dry, or your muscles feel pretty tight. 

A day or two at the spa can change everything. Book a massage, a pedicure, facial, or schedule an appointment for a ‘do at a New Braunfels spa.  You’ll feel like a new person after having a few services to get you looking and feeling your best.

Where to Stay in Canyon Lake for a Solo Trip

Choosing a Canyon Lake vacation rental like the Sanctuary at Canyon Lake for your solo trip is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this area. With outdoor living areas perfect for spending a few days relaxing and reflecting. 

The home features three bedrooms, a large, romantic primary suite that spreads across the entire first floor of the property, a fireplace, and a whirlpool tub. 

When it’s time to eat, you’ll be able to cook up all your favorite meals in the fully equipped kitchen with everything you need to make yourself a delicious meal, and you just supply the groceries. You can also enjoy some wine on the deck while enjoying nature’s beauty.

Choose the Sanctuary at Canyon Lake

Canyon lake is a gorgeous place to visit, even when you’re going it alone. There are plenty of great things to do in the area for any traveler to recharge their batteries.

Take a long bath and watch TV when you arrive at your vacation rental. Enjoy some great food and explore the area’s natural beauty and attractions. Allow yourself time to get your balance and be in a beautiful place. 
With a peaceful and beautiful home right on the water, the Sanctuary at Canyon Lake is the ideal setting for a solo self-care trip. It offers a safe solo travel stay and a luxurious private wellness retreat setting. Book your stay today to escape the everyday demands of life and feel like a new person when you return home.